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Welcome to Aadya Coaching

We are a coaching and meta coaching consulting organisation

About Our Approach

How We Can Help

At Aadya Coaching, we believe that all leaders have the potential to achieve greatness. We understand that the best way to reach your goals is by having the right attitude and having an even better plan. We are here to provide you with the guidance and support needed to help you reach your fullest potential. 

We believe that every leader has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses that can be identified and developed. By using our tailored program, we help leaders to recognize their potential and maximize their personal and professional growth. 

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Executive Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching® makes leadership change both visible and measured. 

Aadya Coaching offers exceptional leadership training based on the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching model that has helped Fortune 100 Companies drive meaningful change. With Aadya's program, you'll gain the knowledge and insight needed to make an impact, plus the practical tools for translating those learning into meaningful actions.

Inclusion Coaching

Creating bridges of understanding between different people

Inclusion coaching helps individuals and teams develop an understanding of  diversity and how to work effectively across different cultures, preferences and backgrounds in order to maximize effectiveness. It allows individuals to gain insight into themselves and the differences of their team members, enabling them to create a more collaborative and inclusive working environment. By utilizing this service, you can ensure that your organization is ready to handle the demands of a diverse and globalized world.

Meta Coaching

Supporting Human Resources professionals in creating a coaching centered culture 

Human resources professionals are leading the change towards the next chapter of organizational development. If you want to become, or remain, a cutting-edge organization (80% of those who were in the Fortune 500 in the 1980’s are no longer in the Fortune 500 today), it is imperative to develop increasingly effective leaders. Building and keeping your leadership talent by helping your leaders reach their potential is the key to organizational effectiveness. This service supports HR in achieving organizational transformation with a unique business centered approach.  


“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”

Aadya Coaching was created to solve for the need of HR leaders, like Aadya, to create a coaching culture within their leadership team and subsequently the whole organisation. Employees are our most important resource, whether we are a people centric organisation or not. People want to work with leaders they like and respect. The biggest tool a leader has is empathy and care.

Creating leaders that genuinely believe in coaching comes from them having great coaches that take them on a LIFE CHANGING journey. To understand that paying it forward creates a legacy. A legacy that make your people follow you into any situation. To be a legendary leader.

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